About Mobile Vet Raleigh – Why Should You Choose Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian, Socks & Co.?

More pet owners are now using mobile veterinarians or “vets on wheels” to care for their furry members of the family. They have discovered that mobile vet clinics can be a perfect solution for families with dogs and cats who are:

  • Animals are our passion here at Mobile Vet Raleigh Shy
  • Often frightened
  • Skittish
  • Elderly
  • Larger dogs with mobility issues
  • Aggressive
  • Hyperactive

Mobile vets are also ideal for families consisting of:

  • Multi-pet households
  • People with busy or schedules that change all the time
  • Couples with an infant or young children
  • Seniors and people who don’t drive
  • Breeders who don’t want to expose puppies and kittens to other patients

Mobile Vets vs. Brick and Mortar Pet Clinics

Certain family pets (especially cats), experience severe debilitating stress when they have to travel even a very short distance. Many of our clients and patients at Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian, Socks & Co., ¬†own cats and dogs that do not like to be in the car ever, let alone on the way to a vet. It’s not atypical for a stressed-out cat or dog to throw up or make a mess on car rides to and from the veterinarian’s office.

With Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian, Socks & Co., the travel your pet endures is no more than a short walk down your driveway to our mobile vet unit. No car and no collars or leashes if you choose. Comfortable dogs and cats are easier to treat and their owners are more calm as well.

Pet owners don’t ever have to sit in a reception area and read a lot of old magazines. When Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian comes to you, you’ll be waiting in the comfort of your own home and because we only treat one animal at a time, the wait is usually shorter than at a clinic.

Ideal for Pets and Families

We take pride in how well we care for your pet Families with multiple pets can get them all treated at the same time. This strips so much of the drama out of the process. You don’t have to make multiple vet appointments or transport your animals back and forth from each one by using the Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian.

Examining a dog or cat in a familiar setting is a lot easier to diagnose a problem as opposed to when the animal is stressed-out during a visit to the vet clinic.

In addition, when your vet comes to you, it lowers the risk of your dog or cat being exposed to diseases that might exist in a clinic waiting area. This is a genuine benefit, especially if your pet is either a puppy or a kitten or is susceptible to allergies or other ailments.